Thank you, thank you and your Employees for such a lovely service. God Bless you Honey!!

From Rhonda "MaMoochie" Robinson, Mother of Joshua Robinson.

Ms. Lawanda Jasmin and the Staff of Kennedy Funeral Home,

I want to thank you for your services of preparing Mr. Willie Staples, Jr. for burial. His family and I were very please. The kindness of all the Staff was very much appreciated, again Thank you very much!!!!!!

From Marion Ellis, Companion of Mr. Willie Staples, Jr.

I would not have wanted anyone else to take care of my mother's homegoing, Lawanda Jasmin was our light from day one. She made every step so loving and easy, Mama would have loved her beautiful spirit. God was definitely working through her, she's a shoulder like no other....we fell in love with her, family for life!!! I love you Lawanda!!!

Carolyn Coler

Lord, we went in with heavy hearts, but she made sure we left feeling loved and smiling. Lawanda Jasmin and Patrice Raymond assured us that our Angel will be well taken care of and all is well. I love you both and I want thank you all so much for my family so much love.

From Renette Bennett -Grandmother of Baby Tieanny Dae'Lynn Johnson

Kennedy Funeral Home is the best!!!! Thank you all so much, Lawanda Jasmin, Patrice Raymond and the rest of the Staff for a a job well done on my Sis Corine. She was beautiful just like she was sleeping. Your Staff is the best!!! We love you Guys. Be blessed!!

From Renette Bennett Brook, Best Friend of Corine Ward

I can't thank Lawanda Jasmin and Patrice Raymond enough for the love they had for us during this difficult time. Your patience and understanding, Lord, the tears you wiped away from my weeping eyes....you Ladies are God sent and Angels. I couldn't walk without you ladies. You both help me find strength and forgiveness, much respect for you Ladies. I love you!

From Danielle Lawson Stewert, Daughter of Larry Lawson.


If I don't say it enough, THANK YOU Sister, you know what you did for me and my family will not go unnoticed. Give me a little time and you will see.

From Judith Bolding, daughter of Raymond Bolding.

Lawanda and Staff,

The Bolding Family would like to thank you for taking such good care of our father. We were very satisfied and would highly recomment your establishment to family and friends.

From Judith Bolding, daughter of Mr. Raymond Joseph Bolding.


From our family to yours! We were so bless to encounter someone with such compassion and attentiveness in such a difficult time! We wish you all blessings into the new year.

Love, The Hadley Family.


You have a God given talent Cousin, you all did an EXCELLENT job. He looked just like himself. He even had a smile.

From Lakisa Pierre, wife of Reynald Jackson

Ms. Lawanda,

From the time my Mom passed away on November 11, 2017, you were there for us. If you were busy with someone else, you always promised to call us back and you did just that. You are always on top of any situation. You really and truly know how to relate with families in their time of grief and sadness. God has given you that gift to be able to put that soft touch on grieving hearts. Our family love you very much. You demonstrate so much dignity and respect for all families. Please continue to do the works of the almighty God. You will get your reward. Love you

From Darlene Williams, Daughter of Mrs. Dorethy Triggs.


Thank you so much. You went above and beyond for our baby girl. You made sure everything was on point and again I thank you and I love you.

From Nikeia Melonson, Mother of Ny'Rielle Melonson


You went over and beyond the call of duty. We will never forget that. Babydoll is at peace and looking down on us all. Much love to you.

From Kita Thompson, Aunt of Ny'Rielle Melonson.

Wow, what a good job Lawanda Jasmin and her co-workers at Kennedy Funeral Home did on my mother, it was as though she was sleeping peacefully.

From Wanda Triggs-Henderson, Daughter of Dorothy Triggs.

Miss Lawanda, you showed me what you can do to please me and I was very pleased with how my mother looked. You are an angel sent from God and your work shows who you are and I love you for you and the love and support you gave me and my family. Kennedy Funeral Home is awesome, keep us the good work, you rock Honey.

From Denise Sullivan, daughter of Linda Sullivan.

I praise God and our savior Jesus Christ for Lawanda Jasmin and Kennedy Funeral Home for the amazing love that they showed both Shantell and myself. If I had to pick one thing, it would be Lawanda's amazing spirit. It's not all about the money with her, it's about the people and for that I'm truly greatful. You will forever be remembered.

From Lauralee Pollard Lee, Beloved Mother of Shantell Pollard.

My family and I were so thankful for the love and compassion by Miss Lawanda Jasmin to us in our time of sadness. This lady is a jewel with so much love in her heart for everyone. There are no big "I's" and little "you's" with Ms. Lawanda. She loves everyone and she demonstrates it with every family. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the families are satified with the results. What I really like about Ms. Lawanda is that she makes every family feel like they are important to her. She is honest, she puts her all into her work. She is truly walking in a calling from God to do this profession and she does it from her heart. May God forever bless you.

From Darlene Williams, Daughter of Mrs. Dorothy Triggs


You are a good person with a big heart and you listened to what we were going through. When we called you, you took time out of your schedule to call us back. You called us just to check on us to see how we were doing. That shows me how much you cared for us during our loss. After talking to you, it gives me a peace of mind. I look at it as tho my Mom is going on a vacation...I thank you for everything you have done for me and my sister. It is so nice to have met you. Never ever lose that big heart you have, it really helps everyone that loses their loved ones (GOD BLESS YOU). You are a good friend and great person. Sorry I had to go through this to meet a wonderful person.

From Kimberly E. Wheaton, daughter of Ms. Janet Every

Ms. Lawanda,

Thank you for helping us through the process from beginning to end. We were not prepared for our mother's death. Thank you for ensuring all the details of my mom's wishes went smoothly. With Love,

The Family of Janet M. Every.

Kennedy Funeral Home,

Thank you for everything, the comfort, the support, you really helped us. You made us feel so comfortable in taking care of our father. We will forever be grateful for how you took care of him. Yall did an amazing job. Ms. Lawanda, your hugs felt so genuine!!!

From Anita Poindexter

I would like to commend Kennedy Funeral Home for partaking in the funeral service for "Peter Gustave". I would also like to thank Lawanda Jasmin for being so compassionate to the family in a time of need. It wasn't a time our questions didn't get answered, no matter what time it was. I think you for referring us to Cashanta's Creations.

From Meeka Davis, family of Mr. Peter Gustave.

They did a AWESOME job with my Mom and Grandmom and this is definitely who I want for me, but, I'm not going to be buried in the country. I need to be home in the city with my kids. I LOVE Kennedy Funeral Home and ESPECIALLY Ms. Lawanda!!!! She is the BEST.

From Sharral Renolds, Daughter of Mrs. Joyce Williams via Facebook.


You are indeed a special person. Ms. Lawanda, you went above and beyond what we expected and for that we say "Thank you" A thousand times. May Jehovah bless all of the work your hand find to do. Again, "Thank you!"

From the Family of Calvin Sims

Ms. Lawanda is such a Sweetheart, I am pleased with the service she is currently giving the Beamon Family.

From Jessica Lewis, Sister of Dontrell Beamon via Facebook.


Everyone said you did a good job on my Mom. They loved the red nails. Thank you for a job WELL DONE and everything you did to help us. May the blessing of God be with you.

From Dianne Lofton and Family, daughter of Mrs. Pearl Lofton.


Thank you for all your support, thank you for being a Sister that I don't have. I knew when God sent me to Kennedy Funeral Home it was right because he lead me to a kind, God sent person and that's you Lawanda Jasmin. I love you, thank you and may the Lord forever bless and keep you. Keep up the good work. Kennedy Funeral Home could not have had anyone better and God knows I am telling the truth. Love you!!

Betty Davis and family, wife of Mr. Wilbert Davis


I must say that you really truly have the right kind of heart for the job you have. I was so impressed with everything,  that I will be referring people to Kennedy Funeral Home. From the moment I walked in and saw my brother, I saw that you put your all into his presentation and it was such a warm and welcoming environment. Thank you again, we were VERY VERY satisfied.

From Joyce Douglas, sister of Mr. Calvin Sims.


I wanted to say thank you for everything that you've done to help us. We were extremely pleased with how you handled us from start to finish. You were very nice, kind and patient with us and your attitude was EXCELLENT.

From the family of Eloise Taylor

Kennedy Funeral Home,

I want to thank you for all you did for the Robert Lewis Sr. family, your company did a excellent job.

From Delicia Lewis, Daughter of Robert Lewis.


Everything was wonderful, I was so satisfied. Everyone talked about how nice my husband looked. I told you I trust you and I was putting everything in your hands and you didn't let me down.

From Mrs. Alberta Lewis, wife of Mr. Robert Lewis

Lawanda and Kennedy Funeral Home,

I thank you so much for the job yall did on my husband!!!!! Everyone was talking about how nice he looked in his full couch casket. I appreciate everything. I didn't know what I was doing and you took care of me. Thank you so much.

From Belinda Edwards, wife of David Edwards

I must say, Lawanda Jasmin is always the same, she makes everyone comfortable. She shows so much compassion, love and she's such a beautiful person.

From Sheila Miller, Daughter of Mr. Hezekiah Triggs.


Thank you for being there today, because this was not a easy pill to swallow and I thank you not only for doing your job, but, most of all for caring. You are truly a blessing. Thank you for all the love and compassion you have shown the Johnson and Washington family these past few months. My husband and I really really appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts.

From Cookie Johnson, Sister in Law of Vanessa Washington.


I want to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. You went over and beyond to make sure Rev's homegoing was beautiful and less stressful as possible for the family. We love and appreciate you!!!!!! You're officially stuck in the family now!!!!!!!!!!!

From Pashion Smith Folse, Daughter in law of Rev. Russell Folse.

We would like to solute our sister, Lawanda Jasmin, for an exceptional job. Well done, we are and were satisfied with that God has anointed you to do. do you assignment well my friend. Mrs. Cynthia, you did it again, he was handsome, thank you.

From Connie Goosby, daughter of Rev. Russell Folse.

Lawanda has touched so many hearts working at Kennedy Funeral Home. She's such a Sweetheart and I'm always bragging on her. What's understood needs not to be explained, just know one thing, I love Lawanda Jasmin.

From Cynthia Johnson-Sewire, Sister of Mr. Harold Johnson. Via Facebook

I want to thank my new Sister, Lawanda Jasmin and Kennedy Funeral Home for taking care of my Daddy and making this experience more bearable to grasp. They did a dynamic job with the service, God really blessed Lawanda with her craft and may he continue to bless and keep her.

From LaDarrin Folse, son of Rev. Russell Folse


God bless you! You're such a beautiful Spirit! You show so much love in a such a beautiful way. May God's Blessings and Favor chase after you. You can see and feel the God in you. I pray good health and long life upon you in Jesus mighty name!!

From Pastor -Prophetess Thelma Johson, Daughter in Law of Mrs. Clara Robinson Via Facebook


You are the greatest. You came to me in my home and turned my sadness into a smile. I love you, love you, love you. You are a blessing to Kennedy Funeral Home. Stay strong and keep up the good work.

From Cynthia Johnson-Sewire, Sister of Mr. Harold Johnson

Ms. Lawanda is an amazing Funeral Director. You can tell she is not out to get extra funds out of her families, but, she TRULY CARES! She made herself available to me 24/7 literally. She encouraged me, hugged me, allowed me to cry on her when needed. Kennedy Funeral Home has truly been a blessing to me and my family. They took awesome care of my brothers body, the casket was BEAUTIFUL, and the blankets will forever be a cherished keepsake. They seem to have mastered the art of putting the needs of others ahead of themselves and bc of that I know that God will continue to bless each and everyone of the staff members of this over looked jewel of a funeral home....please don't make the awful mistake of judging by the cover, this Funeral Home has EVERYTHING you need and more and some of the most cost efficient prices! Great service, Great Quality, even GREATER PEOPLE. God Bless Kennedy Funeral Home!

From Lakasia Hill, Sister of DeQuinn Anthony Williams


I was just thinking of you and how such a horrible tragedy brought you into my life. Looking forward to getting to know you better! Thank you for doing such a great job we greatly appreciate all your efforts and support. 😍

From Juanita Jasmin, Step-Mother of DeQuin Anthony Williams


I can explain myself at all. All I can say is I love you!!!!

From Karen Bernard, Daughter of Clementine Thomas

Lawanda and the Staff at Kennedy Funeral Home

Special thanks to the Staff at Kennedy Funeral Home in Raceland for taking awesome care of my brothers body. Lawanda Jasmin (the Funeral Home Director) for helping me coordinate everything. The casket was beautiful, the blankets were phenomenal and I appreciate you being there to pick my head up when all I could do was cry and being a listening ear.

From Lacasia Hill, Sister of DeQuinn Williams Via  Facebook


Thank you Ms. Lawanda you did a wonderful job on my mother Clara Robinson, she was beautiful beautiful. We appreciate you for everything but mostly for being there for me and my family you are amazing!!

Andrea Robinson, Daughter of Mrs. Clara Robinson Via Facebook


Ms Lawanda Jasmin you are a true blessing at Kennedy Funeral Home to all the families. You have given my family and I the peace we needed in this home going for our mother (Dorothy K. Johnson). Thank God for you Lawanda! Everything was so beautiful and we were so happy with everything. I know my mother was smiling down from Heaven. Thank you my new friend Lawanda.

From Debbie Johnson, Daughter of Mrs. Dorothy K. Johnson.

Lawanda and Kennedy Funeral Home,

We would like to take this time to send a special thank you to Lawanda Jasmin and the Staff at Kennedy Funeral Home for a job WELL done! Mom was beautiful! Lawanda, you made me and my family feel like we were the only family that you had! We started off as a clients and ended up as friends! Thanks for all the comforting words, all the hugs! You made this time bearable for us and for that we will be forever greatful....love the Thomas family.

From Tammy Thomas and the family of Mrs. Clementine Thomas.


I just want to let you know that I have never been this close to someone that passed and I had to be so involved, but you have made this process bearable. I thank GOD for you!!!! We have used yall in the past, but, this is by far the BEST service I have recieved!!!!

From Tammy Thomas, Daughter of Mrs. Clementine Thomas


Thank you so much, everything was lovely and I really, really appreciate everything.

From Jeanne "Cookie" Johnson, Daughter-in-law of Dorothy Johnson

Kennedy Funeral Home,

Thank you so much for your services. You guys helped us and went above and beyond for us. Thank you so much for everything the funeral was beautiful. I think she would have liked it.

From Teyheal Starks, Daughter of Karen Starks

Kennedy Funeral Home,

You all did an awesome job, my family and I were very pleased and Lawanda is the best!!!!!

From the Family of Karen Thomas Starks "KT"


We wish to express our sincere thanks for your friendship, kindness and prayers during this time of great sorrow .. Thanks soooo much for everything Lawanda Jasmin at Kennedy Funeral Home, you are the BEST !!!!! I didn't know you before all of this happened, but, I'm soooo glad I had the chance to meet you .. I was able to talk, laugh and cry with you .. you answered all my questions any and every time I called you .. I know you knew my number by heart!!! You made things so easy for my family and I .. LaWanda, it feels like you are apart of my family .. You are a very uplifting and good spirited young lady .. I just wanted to say to you Thank you Thank U Thank U !!!! "The Family Of Karen Thomas Starks "KT " .. We love you Lawanda Jasmin!!!!!

From Marsha Burdis, Sister of Karen Thomas Starks

Lawanda and Kennedy Funeral Home,

Thank you!! Everything was awesome and my family and I were very pleased for all you've done.

From Tiffany Jackman, Mother of John Darby, III


I would like to take this time to personally thank you for all that you have done for my family and I. You went above and beyond and came through 100%. We are forever grateful to you for making sure that my son's funeral was exactly how we wanted it. You were so professional and caring, and even though I was going through a tough time, you and your team took care of us as if we were family. There is NEVER too many "THANK YOU'S"!!! I would recommend your services to ANYONE who needs it. Again, thank you and you're forver in my family's thoughts and prayers. You are blessed and highly favored!!!!

From Ms. Betty Davis and family, mother of Mr. Dominique Davis.


Being good-hearted is second nature to you, so you may not even realize how small gestures and many kindness touch so many people. You have been heavily on our minds and our hearts. We just want you to know that we truly appreciate all that you did for our family during those difficult moments. Your kindness, consideration & Compassion did not go unnoticed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Be forever blessed.

From James and Maxine Triggs, Son and Daughter-in-law of Mrs. Olivia Triggs

A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy shall reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.” Thanks to our Baby Sister, Lawanda Jasmin for going over and beyond the call of duty to make sure our sister, Sonya Jasmin-Harris was put away beautifully, even in the mist of all of her pain, she still worked in a spirit of excellence. Thank you Kennedy Funeral home for serving our family in our time of despair.

Germaine Jasmin- Jefferson, Sister of Sonya Jean Jasmin- Harris


I guess you get tired of me saying I love you, but I won't stop!!!! When I met you in our time of sorrow, you were sweet and loving to me and my sisters. It was as if you had been knowing us. When Cousin Kennedy hired you he hired the right person. Everyone who meet you or know you personally should love you. You and Cynthia are two lovable and humble people. May God continue blessing y'all . Love you again.

From Doris Folse via Facebook.

To the Staff at Kennedy Funeral Home, my family "The Hadleys" would like to take this time to say thank you for all you have done for working with us during this sad time in our lives. We appreciate you one and all. Colossians 3:23.

From Deidra Dorsey, sister of Inez Hadley.

Words can not express how proud I am of my little sister, Lawanda Jasmin. She had a very hard assignment, preparing her big sister for burial and she completed it to perfection. You did an awesome job. Thank you Kennedy Funeral Home for going over and beyond the call of duty. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

From Belinda Favorite, sister of Sonya Jasmin-Harris.

I would like to take this time to thank the Staff at Kennedy Funeral Home for helping our family with the funeral arrangements for Roxanne Marie Joseph "especially Ms. Lawanda Jasmin and Mrs. Cynthia Brown. Both of you were awesome. Ms. Lawanda, you made us feel comfortable as soon as we walked into the door. We just would like to let the Staff know we appreciate the kindness, hospitality  and generosity you have shown to our family in our time of breavement. We will be forever gratiful. Once again thank you. RIP Rox. We Love you!

From Bridgette Jones and family of Roxanne Lewis via Facebook.


This was my first time in the driver's seat. It was blessing that I could pay for all that was done. I really like the headstone with the picture on it. The idea was yours and I'm glad you told me about it. You were very nice about everything. I knew Granny wanted Kennedy to walk the last mile with her and that just what you did. Thank you for our service. Even after the funeral was over, you went back to the cemetery and put the picture on the stone for us.

Robert Benton, Grandson of Mrs. Shirly Moore

Ms. Lawanda Jasmim

I want to thank you so my much for helping my family and I in our time of sorrow. You were so sweet and kind and I couldn't have asked for a better person. You loved me and my family, you gave us kind words and you were extremly caring. You made me feel like you were a part of my family to say I just met you in our time of sorrow. You're truly a blessed person from God. I just don't know how to tell you THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You're so special and my cousin, Henderson Kennedy should be glad he has someone like you to run his business. You're truly blessed and I would tell ANYONE to go and see you at Kennedy Funeral Home. I LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU!!!!! Ms. Lawanda Jasmin, stay sweet as you are because God got some good plans for you!!! Also, tell Mrs. Cynthia and the whole Staff....

From Carolyn Truxillo and the Family of Mrs. Olivia Triggs.


You are so sweet. The family and I just finished talking about how good you are. I told them I recommend anyone to Kennedy. Thank you so much for everything. I love you!!!

From Carolyn Triggs-Truxillo, Daughter of Mrs. Olivia Triggs.

Lawanda and Kennedy Funeral Home

Special Gratitude to Ms Lawanda Jasmin and crew from the Kennedy Funeral Home and Services. I would have lost it, had this young lady NOT been so Loving, Helpful & Concerned about our Family! They took away some Pain WE the family could NOT have dealt with had they NOT stepped in!!!! Father, thank you. Bless them ALL for their Hard & Professional Work!!!!

From Olivia Boudreaux, Sister of Mrs. Helen Johnson Coleman

Kennedy Funeral Home,

We are fortunate to have you donate your time on occasions like this. On Behalf of the Hughes Family, we express a heart-felt thank you for all that you have done. God bless

From the family of Denise Hughes.


I want to thank you for everything you did for us. I am still holding strong.

Yolanda Tillman, Daughter of Audrey Mae Tillman


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everthing. I love you!!

From Jada Melancon, daughter of Royal "Roy" Melancon

Ms. Jasmin,

I just want to say thanks for all the wonderful assistance you provided us making the arrangements. It truly meant a lot to me.

Felix Brown, son of Phillip Weaver

We just wanted to take time to say thank you to Kennedy Funeral Home and Lawanda Jasmin for their services. Yall have always been there for us during the difficult times and we appreciate everything that you have done. Thank you again and much love.

The Robertson Family

Ms. Lawanda,

I never had a chance to thank you for everything you did to help me and my husband with his mom and family. We really appreciated you showing that our needs came first. Thank you dearly.

From the Family of Karen Walker.

To Kennedy Funeral Home,

On behalf of our loved one Willie Mae Arcement, we would like to thank you for your professionalism and assistance in making a difficult time manageable. Your attention to detail and care cannot be summed up with a simple thank you. Your Staff is second to none!!!! Thank you so much for making Nanny beautiful!! We truly cannot express in words the thankfulness we have for all you've done!

Sincerely Gregory & Tonia Cook, Godson of Willie Mae Arcement!


Thank you Sweetie for all you did for us. We love you to pieces.

From Stephanie Green, Grandmother of Baby Ky'lin Morris.


My family and I are so grateful to you for a job well done on our precious dad and our mother's precious husband. We are so pleased with the nice and caring job that you performed, the precious time that you took out with our family and the patience that you demonstrated. It was felt so deep in our hearts, not just that, but, it's the love you showed for our precious mom. Lawanda, keep doing what you are doing, because, I know Jesus is smiling on you for demonstrating all the love and concern for humanity. This was the third time in 3 years that we had to go to Kennedy Funeral Home and each time, you, Miss Lawanda, was there for us and you never changed. Instead, your demeanor gets sweeter and sweeter for the families.

Thank you so very much! From Darlene Williams and the Triggs Family!


What does "thank you" really mean? It means you make me feel so nice and I wish I could do the same for you....just by letting you know how much you mean to me. "Thank you" means you didn't have to...but I'm so grateful that you did. "Thank you" means that you've done something special that I'll never forget. I thank you with all my heart!!!!

From Jackie Griffin, wife of Mr. Alex Griffin, III


I was so please with the job you did preparing my Father Hezekiah Triggs for his home going service celebration. I highly recommend Lawanda with her expertise.

Darlene Williams-Daughter of Hezekiah Triggs, Sr.

Lawanda and Kennedy Funeral Home,

Y'all did a beautiful job on my father Hezekiah Triggs, keep on doing  what y'all are doing to help people in their time of need.

Wanda Triggs-Henderson-Daughter if Hezekiah Triggs, Sr.

Lawanda and Kennedy Funeral Home,

Thank yall so much, I appreciate everything that yall did for me. Yall made sure that I was happy and satisfied with everything. I can't thank yall enough.

From Tracy Mollere, daughter of Ronald Mathews.

I'd like to thank Kennedy Funeral Home for such an awesome and amazing professional service with the remains of my beloved Aunt, Mary T. Adams. I was very much pleased with everything that Kennedy Funeral Home provided, myself and the family, including the support and prayers. I would highly recommend Kennedy Funeral Home to family and friends. In fact I am in the process of handling prearranging my funeral with Kennedy Funeral Home. Thank God for the Funeral Director, Lawanda Jasmin, Amen!

From Raymond J. Adams, via Facebook. Nephew of Mary Adams.

Lawanda and Kennedy Funeral Home,

I was so satisfied with everything. Thank you for all you done. I was pleased with how you had my Dad laid out. Lawanda, you did a wonderful job and you made me feel so comfortable. You really know how to conduct business and make people feel comfortable at the same time so thank you.

Quincy Cleveland Johnson, son of George Cleveland, Sr.

Lawanda and Kennedy Funeral Home,

Thank you for doing a wonderful Job with our uncle. Lawanda, you are a special Lady. I am so glad that I met you. You are a very special person. Thank you very much for what you did for us and I will never forget you. May God bless you and your family.

From the Neices of Johnny "Juicy" Farlow.


You are a beautiful person, the heart you have makes your job very easy for you because, you are so sincere and you can see it and feel it. Keep on doing what you are doing! I love you and thank you for everything. Yall did a wonderful job with my husband.

From Patricia Pollard Green, wife of Porter Green.

Lawanda and Kennedy Funeral Home,

Your thoughtfulness certainly made a difference in mine. Thanks again, God bless all of you. A wonderful job yall did for my husband. Thanks again!

The Bryant Family


Thank you!!!!!!!!! You've helped us deal with this transition and it went very smoothly, because we had a darn good Funeral Director named Lawanda Jasmin. My family and I will never forget you. God doesn't make mistakes!!! He knew exactly who and what we needed to get through this difficult time. God bless you Lawanda and we love you!!!!!

From the family of David Douglas!


I want to personally thank you again. Everything was so beautiful and perfect. You had him looking so good and full. We couldn't have asked for anything more. If I had 1000 tongues, I still couldn't say thank you enough. From the Johnsons and Sewires we solute you.

From Juanita Johnson, daughter of Mr. Gerald Sewire.

I would like to thank Kennedy Funeral Home for such a good job with my loving husband, Mr. Gerald Thomas "Jake" Sewire. I truly love your service. And to Miss Lawanda Jasmin, I've only know you nine days but, it feels like I've known you a lifetime. Miss Lawanda, you're a sweetheart, you talked me through my pain. You showed the Sewire family so much love. I just have to say "I love you Lawanda".

Love always, Mrs. Cynthia Sewire. Wife of Mr. Gerald Sewire.

Auntie Lawanda,

On behalf of Joe, Lorieal, Lyric, Lowell Jr. and Lavell, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience and kindness shown to us during the passing of our Father. We are forever grateful for the love, patience and unwavering support you showed us during our difficult time! We pray that God continue to bless you so you can continue being the blessing you are to others.

From the children of Lowell "Billy" Narcisse, Sr.


Woman of God, the Branch and Frye Family and everyone else who saw Johnny, said you all did a wonderful job. He was looking just as he was sleeping. Lawanda, we were very pleased with you personally and the services rendered!!! Thank you again.....also thank you Bro Jonathan!

Lawanda, a great personality goes a long way!!! Your kindness, your patience and our financial plan. I recommend Lawanda, for a perfect and honest Job with your loved ones!

From Pastor Joye Frye-Branch, wife of Johnny Branch, III

Lawanda and Kennedy Funeral Home

Words cannot express how over joyed we are with the service rendered during our time of bereavement. The family was satisfied with ajob well done. Thank you for all the love and support that was shown to us. May God continue to bless and keep you forever and always. The Golden Family!

Marsha Francis, daughter of Lula "Momee" Golden


Thank you so very much for the love you showed to our family for my brother Wilbert Collins demise and services. Lawanda, you are a gift from the almighty God. Keep that warm and loving spirit, also thank to my lovely cousin Henderson Kennedy.

Darlene Williams and Family of Wilbert Collins.


I applaud your professional ethics and your personal etiquette!

Alma Baker-Jackson Scott Via Facebook


You have a heart of gold. You really have the right personality that fits you 100% for the profession that you are pursuing. We love you. Thank you for your patience with me and my family. May God forever bless you and your family. Thanks again.

Darlene Williams, sister of Wilburt Collins


The world needs more people like you in it. You really are amazing and I will never forget what you did...In the midst of my heartache, I truly feel blessed to have been able to meet you!!! Thank you again and much love to you.

From Dionne Guidroz niece of Joseph Matthews, Jr.

Kennedy Funeral Home,

You all are the BEST, your work was awesome. You made us feel like we were family. That is the perfect way to do business. I am sorry that we met under these circumstances, but, I'm so glad I was able to meet a beautiful person like Lawanda Jasmin. I love you like you was my own family, that's just how comfortable you made me. Thank you.

The Family of Lonnie Nelson.


You are the best and I appreciate you so much. You made my Dad looked so good and I want to thank you so much for the work you do and heart you have. I don't know you personally, but, I love you so much. Keep up the good work, you are truly blessed.

From Dina Nelson, the Daughter of Lonnie Nelson.


I love you so much, you treated me and my siblings as if we were family. You walked us through a really tough process. We didn't know anything about planning a funeral, but, you were there for us every step of the way. You explained everything so we would understand. You played a big part of making sure our father wishes were met and you made sure we got exactly what we wanted and for that I'm forever grateful, I love you soo much. To Kennedy Funeral Home Staff thanks for everything . Yall made us feel like family, thank yall so much and God bless all of you.

From the daughters of Keith "Keith Sweat" Thomas, Sr.

Jonathan and Mrs Cynthia,

Thank you for providing a nice homegoing service for my mom, Mrs. Audrey Culbreath. Everything was lovely.

Sharvette Jones daughter of Mrs. Audrey Culbreath

Kennedy Funeral Home,

I wanted to thank you exraordinary care you gave my Dad. I am truely grateful for the level of care and professionalism yall all demonstrated.

From Charles Morgan, son of Albert Morgan


You did a wonderful job with our mother Charlotte McGuin. She was beautiful.

From the daughers of Charlotte McGuin.

On behalf of my sisters and I, I would like to say THANK YOU to all of the staff at Kennedy Funeral Home. We are grateful for all your love, care, special attention and professionalism you displayed during the funeral arrangements of our mother. Your staff did an EXCELLENT job on making her funeral special. From the make-up, flowers, the viewing, service and interment. Our mother looked so nice, and you created the setting for the beautiful home going she so richly deserved. We are very appreciative for all you have done to help us get through this difficult time.

I would also like to give a Special THANKS to your Funeral Director, Ms Lawanda Jasmin. In such a trying time, she helped me ease my pain by gently guiding me and my sisters through the necessary steps. I know we sort of took over your office for a couple of days and I appreciate you being flexible enough to allow us to do that. Your kindness, love and support will be forever cherished. What a tribute you are to this business.

Keisha Robinson, daughter of Rosilie Robinson

The daughters and family of Rosalie Robinson would like to offer our most humblest thank you and gratitude to Ms. Lawanda Jasmin for her expertise, professionalism and overall care during our time of sorrow. Ms. Jasmin and the staff of Kennedy Funeral Home, Mrs. Cynthia, Mr. Elton Smith, Mr. Gene and Mr. Jonathan were very attentive to our needs. No matter how many times we changed the arrangements, they listened and understood what we were going through! They provided our mother with a beautiful home going! Thank you Ms. Jasmin! Thank you to all the staff! Yall are the GREATEST.

Ms. Jasmin,

Thanking you for all your help, support and love. You have truly been there for our family. Your professionalism, expertise and guidance enabled us to have a smooth tranition during our time of sorrow. Thank you, thank you, thank you! May you be bless as you bless others!!

Stephanie, Keisha and Twanisha, Daughters of Rosalle Robinson.


The family of Delores "Myme" Tillman express our hearfelt appreciation for all the love, support and professionalism you demonstrated during her funeral arrangements. We entrusted her to Kennedy Funeral Home because we knew she would be in good hands. The Staff did a fantastic job. As "Myme" would say, "It is better to give someone a bit of your heart instead of your mind". THANK YOU for giving us a bit of your heart during this difficult time. Lawanda Jasmin, you are a special lady.

Janice Tillman-Daughter of Delores Tillman

Kennedy Funeral Home

The kind generosity of good friends like you has been a great help to us during this very difficult time. the family of Stella Mae Triggs would like to offer our most sincere thanks for the flowers you sent in her memory. Thank you so very much for your loving support. It was appreciated more than words can say.

The Family of Stella Triggs


I want to thank yall for all that yall done for me. My family has been dealing with Kennedy Funeral Home for a long time and we know what yall are able to do and we trust yall 100%. I would recommend Kennedy Funeral Home to anyone.

From the family of John Randall, Jr.

The family of Henry Howard, Jr. would like to thank Lawanda Jasmin and Kennedy Funeral Home for the help and support in the loss of our loved one. He will be sadly missed but for ever in our hearts, gone but never forgotten. Love you Cowboy.

From the family of Henry Howard, Jr.


I appreciate everything that you did. Everything was perfect and yall had my brother laid out nicely. Thank you again.

From the sister of Raymond Hamilton


It meant more than you can imagine. Your kindness, thoughtfullness and compassion will never be forgotten.

The Beamon Family

I want to thank Lawanda Jasmin and Kennedy Funeral Home for all that they did for my family. Even though this was a hard task, Lawanda did an awesome job with her cousin. She went above and beyond and did just what she did what she knew her cousin would have wanted her to do. Thanks again and continue to keep myself and my girls lifted in prayer.

From the Wife of Clayton Russell


Your heart goes into your work. Losing a love one is a hard thing to accept, but, people like you all made our grief a little easier to over come. I want to take this time to say "thank you" for a wonderful job you did. We felt greeted at the door and are still thankful to all of you.

From the family of Jerry Lee Smith

To Lawanda,

I would like to give special thanks to Ms. Lawanda Jasmin at Kennedy Funeral Home, thank you for the love and support you gave my family and I in our time of need, you all did a great job. You were there every step of the way, you went over and beyond doing your job, you are truley appreciated and we are truely grateful.

From the family of Annibel Coler

To Kennedy Funeral Home Staff,

I would like to thank you for your service and kindness that was extended to myself and family during the loss of our love one. A special thanks to "you" Lawanda for your great service that made this difficult process easy for me.

From Mrs. Brenda White and Family

Ms. Lawanda,

Many thanks for your compassion and concern for my sisters and I during the loss of our Father. We are truly appreciative of your services.

From the daughters of Ronald Lee Joseph


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You was there for me.The words and the love you showed me kept me going strong during the hard times. I was pleased with how you put my mother to rest. Thank you and I love you!!! 

From the daughter of Eugenia Every

We the family of Norman Brown, his wife Octavia and his children were well pleased with the way my husband looked. Kennedy Funeral Home really cared for us and I felt the love and care that came from this company. We really appreciate it and we will share our experience with anyone that's in need.

From the family of Norman Brown


Thank you so much, your spirit has truly touched my heart, may God continue to bless you. You are truly a beautiful person, you made sure everything was perfect. I don't have to words to explain how thankful I am and I really love you.You went over and beyond the call of duty to help us. You are just a blessing.Thank you and Kennedy Funeral home for all you have done. God bless you.

The Family of Marquette Marie Keyes.

To the Staff at Kennedy Funeral Home:

God bless each and every one of you, my family was very pleased.

Rhonda Jefferson's Family

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you again for your assistance during the funeral arrangements of our family member, Mrs. Patsy F. Edwards Mack. Also, thanks for the beautiful flowers given by Kennnedy Funeral Home.

The Edwards-Mack Family

Thank you all for the beautiful service for my brother Bill and thank you Miss Jasmin for being there to hold me in your arms and comfort me, my family and I are very grateful how you all were here for us in our time of bereavement. Thank you and God bless.

The Boyd Family


I wanted to personally thank you and the rest of the staff at Kennedy for the wonderful job that you did on my husband Freddie Smith. You did and excellent job with everything. I've been using Kennedy for a long time and I would recommend you to anyone. We were 100% satisfied, thank you again.

Sadie Smith and Family

I'm up thinking of my mom and all the people who helped and was there for me when I felt alone and didn't know which way to turn... Which way to go after my mom passing. Mrs. Lawanda and Kennedy Funeral Home was one of those people..from the beginning and still there today showing and being the Loving, humble, helpful thoughtful, caring person she is with lots of patients! I'm very thankful for God sending me to Raceland La,.. The first day I went there I was feeling a certain way hurt, with a heartache that I felt was not fixable I was also angry for no reason and Mrs. Lawanda loving humble patient spirit took all that.. she worked with me & showed she really cares.. she understood my budget and gave me the Best with what I wanted for my Mommie and what I could afford..and my mom was looking Beautiful... I'm Greatful and thankful to Kenndys Funeral Home A-1 services but I'm Beyond Thankful to Ms.Lawanda.. sum people God place on certain jobs for a reason and GOD HAS place her in that business.. that Field for a reason.. TO HELP and Be A BLESSING TO OTHERS.. and She's doing A ‪blessed GREAT JOB... I cant say Thank you enough from Me and my family.. for all you Do... for all you've Done.... Thank you for just being you... We Love you and GOD BLESS you and your family.... in Jesus name!!! ;))

— feeling thankful.
From the Family of Joyce Williams
We really appreciate you putting it all together, we were really pleased with your services.
From the family of Albert Chambers, Jr.